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Monica. Il y a le blog.

Obsessions: theatre and acting, literature and writing, working out and pushing limits. Freedom.

Favourite things: travel and nutrition, old music and art.

I think we should all be prepared to live man vs wild (which is basically man vs himself). I do prepare for it everyday, you never know when you might find yourself in a jungle or a desert. Nature is our home and we shouldn’t depend on too much comfort. Oh, and animals are just as important as us.

Suffering from a Stendhal syndrome: I see beauty and I fall for it. Suffered from a Peter Pan syndrome as well, but I’m treating it with awesome adventures. I miss me as a child, but everybody says I still look like one. That’s a great advantage, because when I’ll be 100 I’ll only look 99.

I worked mainly in social media and publishing. I love writing for The Hunger, about the psychology of happiness.

In my free time I write about love and adventure: mostly fiction, better when I’m going to bed. I think about all the lives I didn’t have and then I have to create them in stories.


  1. Deci se pregateste ceva … :)

  2. :D Da da! Cum ai găsit?

  3. Buna! Ti-am citit cele doua articole despe Argentina de pe Ma pregatesc pentru o expeditie in Aconcagua anul viitor in februarie. Voi trece si prin Buenos Aires si vreau sa ajung si in Patagonia. Ai ceva ponturi pentru cazare/masa prin zona? Presupun ca au si ei niste camine studetesti, nu? Tu stai in gazda sau cu chirie? Cat vei sta in zona?

  4. da, se pregateste ceva :)
    ne dezvalui secretul?

  5. uaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuu

  6. pt cand se pregateste?

  7. Unde trimit reclamație că blogul ăsta încă nu e funcțional?!

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